Disposable Viral Transport Tube with Swab(VTM/ITM)

Disposable viral transport tube remains the preferred transport media to maintain the specimen stability, for Covid clinical specimens collection, storage and transport, according to WHO’s recommendation guides.

Different preservations for choose:Inactive and cultured,ensure the stability and efficiency of the sample.

Convenient one-stop sample collection,transport and storage kit.

Individually wrapped and sterile.

Easy to operate and ready to use.

CE , IVD certified.

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Intended use

For COVID-19, flu, swine flu, HFMD and other respiratory and enteric virus nasal and throat sampling collection,storage and delivery. The collected samples can meet the requirements of various subsequent experiments.

Main Components

  • Sampling transport tube
  • Viral preservation solution
  • Disposable specimen collection Swab


Transport and storage at room temperature.

Expiry Date

Valid for 12 months.

Product No.ComponentsVolumeSpecification
WS2010Inactive Preservation solution with Swab3ml50 piece/box
WS2011Inactive Preservation solution with Swab2ml50 piece/box
WS2012Cultured Preservation solution with swab3ml50 piece/box