Transport of nylon flocked swab specimens Oct 29, 2021

During the Pcr Nasal Swab test, the nylon flocked swab specimens should be sent to a PCR laboratory that is qualified to perform 2019-nCoV nucleic acid testing.

1.Pcr Nasal Swab test delivery time and temperature control

Nylon flocked swab specimens should be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection, and should be sent to the laboratory within 2 to 4h after collection. Transfer in temperature within 2 ~ 8℃, transport time should not exceed 72h. If more than 72h, nylon flocked swab specimen should be storage and transfer at -70℃or lower temperature.

2. Pcr Nasal Swab test specimen transport containers

Nylon flocked swab specimen transport containers should be waterproof, break-proof, leak-proof, and resistant to high (low) and high pressure. Transport containers and packaging materials should have the relevant provisions of biohazard signs, warnings and tips. Transport containers should use a three-layer packaging system, namely the inner container, the middle packaging and the outer packaging. Leak-proof inner container packaging is labeled with biohazard markings, loaded into the middle container, the "infectious materials" mark on the outer packaging. A sufficient amount of absorbent material should be placed between the inner container and the middle container, and the middle container should be fixed in the rigid outer container. A gel ice pack should be placed between the middle container and the outer container.

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