The importance of Viral Transport Medium in nucleic acid detection Dec 26, 2021

In the process of virus sampling, various uncertain factors occur from time to time, affecting the accuracy of nucleic acid detection, especially the cunning omicron virus is highly contagious and highly concealed, and the requirements for detection need to be improved. The quality of Viral Transport Medium kits is critical.

  • The Viral Transport Medium formula independently developed byour research center is based on the general formula, some components have been replaced and improved. On the premise of consistent performance, the cost of the Viral Transport Medium has been significantly reduced. At the same time, a special processing structure in the Viral Transport Medium has been designed  to improve the virus elution rate and help the virus to be released in the Viral Transport Medium.

  • The head of the Universal Viral Transport Swab is designed with flocking, which is highly absorbent, mild and non-irritating, which facilitates the attachment of viruses and increases the amount of virus collection. The Viral Transport Medium is rich in bovine serum albumin, antibiotics, amino acids, inorganic salts and other components, which can maintain the virus activity to the greatest extent.

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