Disposable Saliva Collector

Disposable oral cavity Collector is suitable for collecting and storing saliva samples secreted by human oral cavity at room temperature, and then DNA in saliva samples can be obtained by nucleic acid extraction.

Long-term preservation at room temperature

Convenient collection,transportation and storage kit.

✔ Easy to operate and ready to use.

CE , IVD certified.

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Products No.ComponentsVolume of the mediumPackage
WS4010Saliva Funnel, Saliva Funnel, Viral Transport Medium1ml20 cases/box; 12 boxes/carton

Intended use

This product collects saliva samples secreted by oral cavity, and evenly mixes the collected saliva with sample preservation solution, thus ensuring the integrity of DNA in saliva samples and their long-term preservation at room temperature.

Main Components

  • Saliva Funnel
  • Viral Transport Medium
  • Sampling transport tube


Transport and storage at room temperature.

Expiry Date

Valid for 12 months.

Operating Instructions

1. Before using, medical institutions or users can sterilize the sampling tubes according to their own needs.

2. Before collecting saliva samples for 30 min, rinse with clear water, and fast after rinsing.

3. Mark relevant sample information on the sampling tube.

4. Relax and massage cheeks, spit saliva into the funnel, and the saliva flows into the external 5ml preservation tube along the funnel.

5. The virus preservation solution is in the blue tubule, and the bottom of the blue tubule is closely combined with the external 5ml tube. Unscrew the funnel, and mix the preservation solution in the blue thin tube with the saliva in the 5ml tube.

6. Keep the sampling tube upright, unscrew the funnel, cover it with the sampling tube cover and tighten it.

7. Mix the tightened sampling tube upside down for 10~15 times, put it in a packaging bag, and discard the funnel to complete the saliva sample collection.

Storage conditions

● Store it in a dry and ventilated place, Keep it away from light at room temperature

● Beware of damp, and avoid direct contact with fire sources, inflammable and corrosive substances.


● The lid of the sampling tube should be tightened in time to avoid the occurrence of bubbles in the sample as much as possible after the use of Disposable pathological cell collector for sampling.

● The product is used for the collection of saliva samples, and sampling procedures should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use.

● Gargle with water and fast after gargling 30 minutes ahead of saliva samples collection. If the sample preservation solution is accidentally splashed on the eyes or skin, rinse immediately with water.

Do not use the product when expired or if the package is damaged.