Rapid Antigen Test detection principle and operation standardize Oct 21, 2020

The difference between Rapid Antigen Test detection and nucleic acid detection

  1. The basic principles of nucleic acid detection and Rapid Antigen Test detection are different: Nucleic acid detection is to check the RNA of the virus in the sample, while Rapid Antigen Test detection is to measure the quantity of the N protein of the new coronavirus.
  2. Rapid Antigen Test detection results are much shorter than nucleic acid detection, the detection time is about 10-15min.

How to standardize the operation of Rapid Antigen Test detection

  • Preparation before Rapid Antigen Test
  1. Wash hands with running water or hand sanitizer.
  2. Carefully read the instruction manual of the Rapid Antigen Test reagent and the precautions related to the Rapid Antigen Test.
  3. Check whether the Rapid Antigen Test reagent is within the shelf life, and check whether the contents of the nasal swab, sampling tube, test card wheather are missing or damaged. If the reagent expires or the contents of the reagent are missing or damaged, the detection reagent should be replaced in time.
  4. Confirm the testing requirements for ambient temperature and humidity. The detection of colloidal gold test strips generally requires a temperature of 14°C-30°C to avoid abnormal test results caused by excessively cold, overheated or excessively humid environments.

  • Sample collection

When taking nasal swab sampling, tilt your head slightly and go 1-1.5 cm deep into the bottom of the nostril. If the operation method is incorrect, it may affect the sampling of the sample and the accuracy of the test.

  • Sample detection
  1. If both the C line and the T line show a red band, the result is positive;
  2. If the C line has a red band and the T line does not, the result is negative
  3. There is no red band at the C line, indicating that the test result is inaccurate, and the test should be re-tested.

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