Disposable Specimen Collection Swab(Oral/Throat)

Alternative to Nasal Collection for Covid-19

Nasal swab is the preferred recommended colletion tipe, although Oral(Throat) Swab remain a available and acceptable specimens collection choice

✔ More efficent sample collection and release abiliy,due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology, which can optimize specimen collection he release efficiency.

✔ Easily breakable,beacause of the medical grade ABS material and no interfere with viral PCR testing.

✔ Combined with nasal sample,the sample efficency can be enhanced.

✔Different breakpoints to choose.

✔ Individually wrapped and sterile.

CE , MD certified.

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【Intended use】

For COVID-19, flu, swine flu, HFMD and other respiratory and enteric virus nasal and throat sampling delivery. The collected samples can meet the requirements of various subsequent experiments.

【Main Components】

Disposable sampling Oral/Throat Swab


Transport and storage at room temperature,

【Expiry Date】

Valid for 2 years.

Product No.The length for The breakpointThe diameter for the flockingThe diameter for the stickThe length for the flockingTotal LengthThe material for the stickThe material for the flocking