Disposable Specimen Collection Swab(Nasal swab)

Nasopharyngeal swab,the preferred collection solution for swab-based covid nucleic acid test.

Flocked Swabs proven superior in sample uptake and release,compared to non-flocked swabs.Its quick sample collection and release ability is due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology,allows the rapid diagnosyic test

More efficent sample collection and release abiliy,due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology, which can optimize specimen collection he release efficiency.

Medical grade ABS swabstick,more breakable,and no interfere with viral PCR testing.

✔ Rapid sampling time.

✔ Easy to operate and ready to use.

✔ Individually wrapped and sterile.

CE , MD certified.

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【Intended use】

For COVID-19, flu, swine flu, HFMD and other respiratory and enteric virus nasal and throat sampling delivery. The collected samples can meet the requirements of various subsequent experiments.

【Main Components】

  • Disposable sampling Oral/Throat Swab


Transportand storage at room temperature

Expiry Date】

Valid for 2 years.

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