Global application scenarios of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Dec 30, 2021

The COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test was widely used around the world in early 2021. After sorting out, the current antigen test has the following application scenarios in the world:

• At home Rapid Antigen Test (Self Test):

1. Home guards;

2. Persons with respiratory symptoms, fever and other symptoms;

3. Other community residents who need self-testing;

• Social Rapid Antigen Test (Public Area):

1. National screening when community prevalence (prevalence > 5%);

2. Inspection of quarantined persons: (times) close contact, entry, and sealing/control area;

3. National screening under the zero-clearing policy (Jilin, Shanghai 2/3/5 days);

4. Screening when positive in semi-closed groups (schools, factories, etc.): timely prevention of proliferation;

5. Screening of persons who are related in time and space to positive infected persons;

6. Judgment criteria for release from isolation;

7. Daily monitoring of specific occupational groups;

8. Personnel monitoring in specific places: airport/station/highway/construction site/farmer's market/school/home for the elderly/entertainment/exhibition venue, etc.;

9. When the nucleic acid mixed collection is positive, the nucleic acid/antigen of the same batch of personnel should be tested at the same time;

12. Substitution when the supply of nucleic acid is insufficient;

Medical institutions Rapid Antigen Test:

1. Outpatient clinics in primary medical institutions (without nucleic acid capability);

2. Self-test (monitoring) of medical staff;

3. Medical staff who are asymptomatic and have a negative antigen test can return to work after 5 days of infection;

4. Hospital emergency;

5. Rapid triage of fever clinics;

6. Pre-discharge testing of discharged patients (Hong Kong: CT value > 30 and antigen negative);

7. Antigen detection of asymptomatic patients with positive nucleic acid as the basis for transferring wards;

8. Visitor ;

9. Supplement of nucleic acid detection;

Remarks: The three items marked in red are the three application scenarios listed in the National Health Commission's "About Printing and Distributing the Application Plan for the Detection of Novel Coronavirus Antigens (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Trial");

It can be seen from the above that there are many application scenarios for the Rapid Antigen Test.

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