• Inactived Viral sampling transport tube
    Disposable Viral Transport tube with swab
    Anhui wensheng medicals as professional disposable viral transport tube with swab Manufacturers provide Nasopharyngeal And Oropharyngeal VTM and UTM sampling kit (disposable viral transport tube 、Viral Transport Medium、Viral Sampling Swab、Viral Transport Tube、Vtm  sampling Tube、Viral Transport Tube With Swab、Viral Transport Tube With Swab) for covid PCR sampling Test.The preferred flocked swab for both virus nasal and throat sampling specimen collection and transport Viral Transport Kit with transport medium, which is suitable for maintain the specimen stability, for Covid clinical specimens collection, storage and transport, according to WHO's recommendation. • One stop collection and transport kit • Inactive sample preservation solution, for nucleic acid amplification assays.

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