Against Omicron, Pcr Nasal Swab VS Pcr Throat Swab Sampling Oct 21, 2020

qPCR Rt detection of Pcr Nasal Swab (N) and PCR throat swab (T) samples is the gold standard for the diagnosis of sars cov 2. What is the difference and connection between the two swab specimen collection method: Pcr Nasal Swab and PCR throat swab Specimen Collection?

  1. Both Pcr Nasal Swab and PCR throat swab are made through nylon flock technique. The fluff on the flocking Swab Specimen Collection area can increase the sampling surface of the qPCR Rt  swab in contact with the physical evidence and improve the accuracy of the qPCR Rt test compared with traditional cotton swab.
  2. According to relevant researches, for the qPCR Rt test results of the specimen taken from the same patient by both Pcr Nasal Swab and PCR throat swab, it was found that the positive rate of Pcr Nasal Swab specimen was higher than that of PCR throat swab specimen, that is, Pcr Nasal Swab Specimen was more sensitive. The sampling efficiency of Pcr Nasal Swab than that of PCR throat swab.
  3. The study found that the virus amount in the nose of patients with respiratory virus infection may be more than that in the pharynx.
  4. In the clinical practice of swab Specimen Collection, when healthcare provider collect PCR throat swab specimen, taking into account the transmission routes of sars cov 2 in the form of droplets and aerosols, the sampling time is often short and rough, which will affect the accuracy of the results. When collection Pcr Nasal Swab specimen, the healthcare provideris on the side of the patient, which can reduce the infection risk of sars cov 2.

In conclusion, compared with PCR throat swab, Pcr Nasal Swab have obvious advantages in qPCR Rt test swab Specimen Collection.

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