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VINCEN’S Covid-19 Solutions For Upper Respiratory Tract Specimens

Disposable Viral Transport Tube with Swab(VTM/ITM)

Disposable viral transport tube remains the preferred transport media to maintain the specimen stability,for Covid clinical specimens collection,storage and transport,according to WHO’s recommendation guides.

Different preservations for choose:Inactive and cultured,ensure the stability and efficiency of the sample.

Convenient one-stop sample collection,transport and storage kit.

Individually wrapped and sterile.

Easy to operate and ready to use.

CE , IVD certified.

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Disposable specimen collection Swab(Flocked)

The preferred specimen collection medium for swab-based covid testing.

Flocked Swabs has a superior specimen collection and release ability,due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology.

✔ High sample efficiency,due to the unique spray type nylon pile implantation technology.

✔ Medical grade ABS swabstick,easily breakable and no interfere with viral PCR testing.

✔ Rapid sampling time.

✔ Easy to operate and ready to use.

✔ Individually wrapped and sterile.

CE , MD certified.

Oral/Throat Swab
Nasal Swab

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